ACROSTICS by William Anderson Ellis

Farewell, dear, young friends; though parting is painful, A sad separation approaches at last. Revilers may spurn me, lost friends may chide me; Even then with much pleasure I'll think on the past. When rivers divide us and hills rise between us, Even then I'll remember your childhood bright days. Let not sad reflections a moment beguile you; Look forward with hope on future's bright rays ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When young I began my own fortune to seek In the morning of life so fresh and so gay Long on the future looked forward so meek. Long, long I expected a happier day, I looked but in vain for that happier day And thought I'd most reached the long looked for prize. My hopes and effects were both taken away. And I sank down; alas, unexpecting to rise No more then did hope for a time on me bloom Doomed ever it seemed for innocent blame Even friends had proved false; I must sink to the tomb Repugnantly last like the dressed priest's fame, Sweet mate of some promise at length seemed to say On literature pages I yet had a charm; No friends save a few to look on with pity. Eternally blest may they yet rise to fame. Laborious efforts I made full of wages Long lessons I learned by mind to... I soon became noted on literature's pages Since then I've been teaching young ideas to shoot.

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