NO MORE WORDS! [Boston, April, 1861] by Franklin Lushington

No more words; Try it with your swords! Try it with the arms of your bravest and your best! You are proud of your manhood, now put it to the test; Not another word; Try it by the sword! No more notes; Try it by the throats Of the cannon that will roar till the earth and air be shaken; For they speak what they mean, and they cannot be mistaken; No more doubt; Come -- fight it out! No child's play! Waste not a day; Serve out the deadliest weapons that you know; Let them pitilessly hail on the faces of the foe; No blind strife; Waste not one life. You that in the front Bear the battle's brunt -- When the sun gleams at dawn on the bayonets abreast, Remember 'tis for government and country you contest; For love of all you guard, Stand, and strike hard! You at home that stay From danger far away, Leave not a jot to chance, while you rest in quiet ease; Quick! forge the bolts of death; quick! ship them o'er the seas; If War's feet are lame, Yours will be the blame, You, my lads abroad, "Steady" be your word; You at home, be the anchor of your soldiers young and brave; Spare no cost, none is lost, that may strengthen or may save; Sloth were sin and shame; Now play out the game!

The Break