McCLELLAN IS THE MAN Words and music by William Shakespeare Hays (1837-1907)

The cruel war must have an end; I'll tell you what we'll do; We'll cast our votes for "Little Mac," We're bound to put him through. The widow's wails and orphan's tears Prevailing o'er the land Pray heaven to send a rare relief-- McClellan is the man. CHORUS: Shout! boys, shout! and rally all you can, We'll have another Washington-- McClellan is the man! Corruption sits in places high, And Shoddy rules the roast; "Fight on!" is still Corruption's cry, "More spoils!" is Shoddy's boast. But we, the people, sov'reigns all, Declare our righteous cause; "The Constitution as it is, The Union as it was." CHORUS This cruel war will never cease Until the South comes back; The only man to do the work Is glorious "Little Mac." Then let us put him in the chair, And he will give us peace; For "Peace in Union" is his sin, And war's alarms will cease. CHORUS Let's heal dissentions and unite, Then, stronger than be-fore, We'll bear our banner through the world, The flag our fathers bore. In many stripes and golden stars Shall give the people ease; And all th'opressed of every clime Will hail our happy peace. CHORUS The hot-heads South cried "Let's secede," But find it doesn't pay; The hot-heads North cried "Confiscate, And then we'll have our way." But both have failed and always will; There is a better plan: We'll choose a righteous President-- McClellan is the man! CHORUS

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The Music of the American Civil War (1861-1865)
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McClellan Is the Man.
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Songs of the Union or George Brinton McClellan