Sherman wreathed in flames

Late in 1864, in keeping with General Ulysses S. Grant's desire to bring the War to the civilian population of the South and thereby demoralize the troops in the field, William Tecumseh Sherman and the Union Army marched "from Atlanta to the sea" and up through the Carolinas, destroying everything in their path and leaving behind a trail of devastation that is remembered in the South even today.

"Marching Through Georgia" became one of the most hated songs in the post-War South. Even Sherman himself was said to have preferred Samuel Byers' "When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea". More than a century later, the song is still wildly unpopular below the Mason-Dixon Line, particularly in Georgia.

This song is dedicated to Chuck Ten Brink, who swears it's a part of his religion.

"Marching Through Georgia"