Come Sisters of a Soldier Boy Hear What I'm going to tell About a seen that did occur Whare Hiram Boardman fell The evening of the 19th day Of September '62 He marched with furmness to the fite That raged within our view He doublequicked for one half mile Formed quickly in the place To take an active part with those That fought with face to face The cannons roared the smoke curled up The dead lay scattered round The wounded was conveyed away From off this bloody ground Then with the darkness of night The firing died away But all our lines of battle strong We held till the next day With guns in hand we prostrate lay Till twelve o'clock at night A line of Rebels then appeared In frunt full in our sight We halted them and ordered them To come in one by one One did obey and is this day A prisoner of war But all the others did disperse And fired into our lines A volly to we gave them quick Which sooted to our minds This was the final fatal hour for us Now Sisters, all we tell That when the Rebels fired at us Young Hiram Boardman fell We feel our loss a braver boy Was not within our ranks But on the field strong men must yeild And brave all things with thanks Cheer up now Sisters do not mourn For Hiram is at rest He fought his fight his victorys won He now lies with the blest

The Home Front