The Battle of Malvern Hill was the last in the series of battles known collectively as "The Seven Days," a part of the Peninsula Campaign of 1862, which pitted George McClellan's Army of the Potomac against the Army of Northern Virginia and Robert E. Lee, its newly appointed commander. The aim of this campaign, the most ambitious ever mounted during the War Between the States, was nothing less than the capture of the Confederate capital city of Richmond.

Fought on July 1 near the banks of the James River, within site of the spires of Richmond, this battle saw Confederate infantrymen attempt to take Union artillery emplacements, which held an almost unassailable position atop Malvern Hill. Although Federal troops were successful in beating back the Confederate charge, McClellan ordered a "change of base" (better known as a "retreat") immediately following the battle, and Richmond remained in Confederate hands until 1865.

"Malvern Hill"