HOW ARE YOU, TELEGRAPH? Words by W. Collins Music by G.W. Work

John came in excellent style, to be sure, With banner and brand came he; His clattering hoofs made a terrible roar, And his cannon numbering three. The Hoosiers were scared, so entered the race, What a rowdyish set were they; And the Buckeyes mounted to join in the chase, As Johnny galloped their way. CHORUS: Ho! gather your flocks and sound the alarm For the Partisan Rangers have come; Bold knights of the road, they scour each farm And scamper at tap of the drum. How are you, Telegraph? The snow is in the clouds, And night is gathering o'er us; The winds are piping loud, And fan the flames before us. Then join the jovial band, And tune the vocal organ; And with a will we'll all join in, Three cheers for John Hunt Morgan! CHORUS Jack Morgan is his name, The fearless and the lucky. No dastard foe can tame This son of old Kentucky. His heart is with his state; He fights for Southern freedom; His men their general's word await, They'll go where he will lead 'em. CHORUS

Thanks to Scott K. Williams of the
Morgan's Men Association
for permission to use his MIDI file of
How Are You, Telegraph?.
Copyright 1998 by Scott K. Williams as part of the "Borderland Collection."
All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission.

Songs of the Confederacy