FLAG OF THE SUNNY SOUTH Melody by John Hill Hewitt (1801-1890) Lyrics by E. V. Sharp

Dedicated to the "Independent Soul that Never Courts a Smile, or Bends Beneath a Frown" Hail, symbol of the Sunny South! Bright Banner of the free! Our Southern hearts swell high with joy, When glory points to thee. Thy Stars are like the Pleiades; Undim'd by Tyrant's power; They'll deck thy Heav'n-dyed field of blue Till freedom's latest hour. CHORUS: Flag of the Sunny South, still wave, Where first from gloomy stars arose. Thy dazzling lustre ne'er shall pale Where freedom's martyr'd sons repose. Thou Emblem of our Liberty; Thy hallowed home is where Dwell virtue, honor, beauty, too, Land of the Proud and Fair. The breeze of ev'ry foreign land Beneath the sunlit skies Shall gently fan thy gorg'ous folds, Each sea reveal thy dyes. CHORUS Over Secession's dying sons, Thou'st droop's thy blood-stained crest; Witness'd the soldier's trembling prayer, Before he sunk to rest. Thou'st flap'd away the weeping dews Where Washington now lies; And mix'd with them thy gory tears Beneath his native skies. CHORUS Though dark'ning clouds are hast'ning past, And desolation reigns; Though lonely homes in mourning stand, And innocence complains; Yet Heav'n will heed our fervant prayers-- Bid peace o'er land and sea-- Bid angels dry our lov'd ones tears, And freedom's sun light thee. CHORUS

Thanks to Benjamin Tubb of
The Music of the American Civil War (1861-1865)
for permission to use his MIDI file of
Flag of the Sunny South.
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