DIXIE, THE LAND OF KING COTTON Words by Captain Hughes Music by John Hill Hewitt

Oh, Dixie, the land of King Cotton, The home of the brave and the free; A nation by freedom begotten, The terror of despots to be. Wherever thy banner is streaming, Base tyranny quails at thy feet; And liberty's sunlight is beaming In splendor of majesty sweet. CHORUS: Then three cheers for our Army so true, Three cheers for our President too; May our banner triumphantly wave Over Dixie, the land of the brave! When Liberty sounds her war rattle, Demanding her right and her due, The first land to rally to battle Is Dixie, the home of the true. Thick as leaves of the forest in summer, Her brave sons will rise on each plain And then strike till each vandal comer Lies dead on the soil he would stain. CHORUS May the names of the dead that we cherish Fill memory's cup to the brim; May the laurels we've won never perish, Nor our stars of their glory grow dim. May our states of the South never sever But companions of freedom e'er be; May they flourish Confed'rate forever, The boast of the brave and the free. CHORUS

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