The lyrics to this song, first printed in The Camp Chase Ventilator (a prison camp newspaper), were sung to the tune of "The Bonnie Blue Flag" by Confederate soldiers incarcerated in Northern prison camps.

The version originally presented here was transcribed by James Farris Chumbley (Stainless Banner Camp #1440, Sons of Confederate Veterans, San Jose, California) in memory of his ancestor George Hudson Chumbley, C Co., 4th Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. Private Chumbley enlisted on April 17, 1861, was captured at Spotsylvania, Virginia, on May 12, 1864, and sent to New York's Elmira Prison. He was paroled from Elmira on June 14, 1865.

Thanks to Jim Chumbley for making me aware of this little-known Confederate gem.

"The Bonnie White Flag"