I Little Be-Pope, He lost his hope, "Coz" Jackson he couldn't find him. He found him at last, And ran very fast, With his tail hanging down behind him. II Poor Johnnie Pope Has lost his coat, But let him never mind it; When he comes down To Richmond town, There he'll be sure to find it. III Pope and McDowell Fighting for a town, Up jumped General Lee And knocked 'em both down. IV Burnside, Burnside, whither doth thou wander? Up stream, down stream, like a crazy gander? V The man in the North, He pledged his troth, To find a Richmond barber, But the man in the South, He mashed his mouth At a place they call Cold Harbor. VI Old Mother Seward, She went to the Lee-ward, To get her dog a Union bone. She got to Manassas, And saw them harrass us -- Lord! how Mother Seward did groan. VII Yankee was a bad man, Yankee was a thief, Yankee came to my house and stole a side of beef; I went to Yankee's house, Yankee he had fled, Caught him on the battle-field, and there I killed him dead.

Soldier Life

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