Only a soldier's grave! Pass by, For soldiers, like other mortals, die. Parents had he -- they are far away; No sister weeps o'er the soldier's clay; No brother comes, with tearful eye; It's only a soldier's grave -- pass by. True, he was loving, and young, and brave, Though no glowing epitaph honors his grave; No proud recital of virtues known, Of griefs endured, or triumphs won; No tablet of marble, or obelisk high; -- Only a soldier's grave: -- pass by. Yet bravely he wielded his sword in fight, And he gave his life in the cause of right! When his hope was high, and his youthful dream As warm as the sunlight on yonder stream; His heart unvexed by sorrow or sigh; -- Yet, 'tis only a soldier's grave: - pass by. Yet, we should mark it -- the soldier's grave, Some one may seek him in hope to save! Some of the dear ones, far away, Would bear him home to his native clay: 'Twere sad, indeed, should they wander nigh, Find not the hillock, and pass him by.

Soldier Life

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