"Order A.P. Hill to prepare for battle." "Tell Major Hawks to advance the commissary train." "Let us cross the river and rest in the shade." The stars of Night contain the glittering Day And rain his glory down with sweeter grace Upon the dark World's grand, enchanted face -- All loath to turn away. And so the Day, about to yield his breath, Utters the stars unto the listening Night, To stand for burning fare-thee-wells of light Said on the verge of death. O hero-life that lit us like the sun! O hero-words that glittered like the stars And stood and shone above the gloomy wars When the hero-life was done! The phantoms of a battle came to dwell I' the fitful vision of his dying eyes -- Yet even in battle-dreams, he sends supplies To those he loved so well. His army stands in battle-line arrayed: His couriers fly: all's done: now God decide! -- And not till then saw he the Other Side Or would accept the shade. Thou land whose sun is gone, thy stars remain! Still shine the words that miniature his deeds. O thrice-beloved, where'er thy great heart bleeds, Solace hast thou for pain!

"Stonewall" Jackson

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