OVER THE RIVER by Jane T.H. Cross

We hail your "Stripes" and lessened "Stars," As one may hail a neighbor; Now forward move! no fear of jars, With nothing but free labor; And we will mind our slaves and farm, And never wish you any harm, But greet you -- o'er the river. The self-same language do we speak, The same dear words we utter; Then let's not make each other weak, Nor 'gainst each other mutter; But let each go his separate way, And each will doff his hat, and say: "I greet you -- over the river!" Our flags, almost the same, unfurl, And nod across the border; Ohio's waves between them curl -- Our stripe's a little broader; May yours float out on every breeze, And, in our wake, traverse all seas -- We greet you -- over the river! We part as friends of years should part, With pleasant words and wishes, And no desire is in our heart For Lincoln's loaves and fishes: "Farewell," we wave you from afar, We like you best -- just where you are -- And greet you -- over the river!

The Home Front

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